Prevent zipper damage

The following factors should be considered to prevent damage to zippers or clothing chains:

The length of the zipper chain and the width of the belt should be selected in proportion to the size of the desired part of the garment so that there is no problem when sewing the zipper to the garment and the so-called zipper is not short.
The top and bottom edges of the zipper chain should be firmly sewn to the garment so that the zipper looks good.
The color of the zipper and its chain should be uniform.

  1. After the zipper or chain is attached to the garment; They must be attached to clothing without creasing or shrinking.
    The shape, dimensions and color of the zipper should not change due to drying and ironing

  2. The zipper slider should move easily inside the chain; But it should not be loose

  3. It should be checked whether the slider is locked on the zipper chain or not

  4. The zipper chain should be attached to the garment in the same direction as the zipper slider

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